Junk Survivor - Buyer's Guide

Explore a post-apocalyptic world, scavenge, and fight back against undead creatures in Junk Survivor, a unique survival game. Recommended for fans of the genre.
Fan-art of Junk Survivor

In the treacherous post-apocalyptic landscape of Survive, a game inspired by The Washington Post’s vivid imagination, players grapple with the consequences of eternal life gone awry. Zombies roam freely as scientists resurrect the dead in their pursuit for immortality. Humanity now hides away from these undead creatures while survivors brave the danger to scavenge and fight back using a diverse set of skills, weapons, and vehicles.

Should I play Junk Survivor in 2024?

The Good

The game has received positive reviews from many players, who have praised its unique graphics and playstyle. The game’s development team has also been active in updating the game and addressing player concerns. Many players have expressed their enjoyment with the game, citing its fun and engaging gameplay, charming visuals, and in-depth crafting system.

The Bad

However, there are some negative reviews from players who have experienced issues with the game. One reviewer expressed their disappointment with the game’s lack of controller support, poor art style, and inconsistent player creation. Another reviewer had a terrible experience with the game, describing it as “terrible” and “nearly unplayable”.


Despite the negative reviews, the overall sentiment of the reviews is still positive. The game seems to offer a unique and enjoyable experience, with a dedicated development team that is actively updating the game. If you’re looking for a new survival game with a unique twist, Junk Survivor might be worth checking out, especially in its early access state. Keep in mind that the game is still in development, so be prepared for some bugs and tweaks may be needed. Overall, I would recommend giving Junk Survivor a try, especially if you’re a fan of survival games.

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In-game Screenshot

Screenshot of Junk Survivor

Top image is not real in-game screenshots. Fan-art made by Gamer.se. Some game metadata is coming from RAWG