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Explore a vast, water-filled world as a sea captain, building ships and navigating treacherous waters. A unique setting and engaging gameplay await, but be prepared for some frustrations and flaws. Worth playing in its current state.
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In a world where the ocean has reclaimed the land, becoming a sea captain is a daunting task. Set sail on a perilous journey to explore the vast open waters, uncovering the secrets of this barren new world. Navigate treacherous storms, barter and trade with fellow mariners, or engage in fierce naval battles to assert dominance over the seas. Construct your own watercraft from scratch, utilizing an arsenal of modules and components to build the vessel of your dreams. Manage your crew’s expertise and recruit skilled sailors to man your ship. Establish a secure naval base, where you can produce your own equipment, weapons, and resources. As you progress, interact with both computer-controlled and human opponents, forging alliances and rivalries in this immersive and dynamic world. Will you chart a peaceful course, or succumb to the allure of piracy and plunder the riches of the high seas?

Should I play Age of Water in 2024?

The good

The game has many great features, such as the shooting mechanics, ship customization, and physics-based gameplay. The game also has a strong focus on player-versus-player (PvP) combat, with a good balance between offense and defense. The game’s setting is also unique and interesting, with a post-apocalyptic world flooded by water.

The bad

The game has some major issues, such as a poor group system, a tedious looting and breakdown system, and a lack of respec options for skill points. The game also has some frustrating mechanics, such as the ability for enemies to spawn right next to the player and quickly kill them. The game’s quests are also not impressive, with some being broken or unfinishable.


Despite its many flaws, I would still recommend playing Age of Water in its current state. The game has a lot of potential, and the developers are actively working on addressing the issues mentioned by reviewers. With additional content, a revised group system, and improvements to the looting and breakdown mechanics, this game could be a real gem. Give it a try, but be prepared for some frustrations along the way.

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