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Survive the chaos in Abiotic Factor, a sci-fi adventure where you play as scientists fighting for survival in an underground facility overrun by monsters. Unique gameplay, immersive world, and dark atmosphere await, but be prepared for technical issues in Early Access.
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In the heart of an enclosed, underground facility, a team of scientists has been pushed to the brink of chaos. Following a catastrophic containment breach, the once-sterile research labs have been overrun by anomalous entities from other dimensions, and a rogue military faction seeks to exploit the chaos. With the eerie silence of abandonment shattered by the sounds of monstrous roars and gunfire, this team of scientists must band together to survive, escape, and unravel the mysteries of their shattered world. Armed with nothing but their collective knowledge and an array of improvised tools, these makeshift warriors must navigate the treacherous terrain of abandoned offices, laboratories, and storage rooms, scavenging for resources and constructing a new home amidst the ruins. In this gripping, interdimensional sci-fi adventure, players take on the roles of these intrepid scientists, forging unbreakable bonds with their fellow researchers as they confront the unforgiving, otherworldly forces threatening their very existence.

Should I play Abiotic Factor in 2024?

The good

Abiotic Factor has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from players, praising its unique blend of gameplay elements, immersive world-building, and dark atmosphere. Players love the game’s tense and thrilling atmosphere, as well as its ability to blend different genres, such as survival, action, and exploration. The game’s world is rich and full of secrets to discover, with a variety of environments and puzzle-solving opportunities. The game’s co-op mode is also highly praised, allowing players to work together and share resources.

The bad

Some players have expressed frustration with the game’s early access state, citing technical issues, weapon balance, and main story questline problems. One review mentions the “Early Access wall,” where players become frustrated with the game’s unfinished state.


Based on the reviews, Abiotic Factor is a game that has garnered widespread acclaim for its unique gameplay, immersive world, and atmosphere. While it’s still an early access game, it shows great promise and has the potential to become a standout title in the survival genre. If you’re a fan of games like Half-Life, SCP Foundation, or 7 Days to Die, you’ll likely enjoy Abiotic Factor. However, be prepared for some technical issues and rough edges as the game is still in early access. If you can overlook these flaws, you’ll find a game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. I recommend giving Abiotic Factor a try, but be prepared for a challenging and potentially frustrating experience.

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