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Embark on a thrilling sci-fi adventure in Techtonica, a factory builder set in a mysterious underworld, mastering bioluminescent flora and black hole tech. Engaging gameplay, relaxing atmosphere, and satisfying mechanics await. Explore, build, and uncover secrets in a mesmerizing realm. Worth playing, but technically flawed.
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‘Techtonica’ is an awe-inspiring sci-fi factory builder set in the mysterious underworld of Calyx, featuring bioluminescent flora and black hole technology. As players tunnel through alien caverns uncovering new technologies and solving enigmas with help from a talking cube, they’ll build sprawling automated factories to harness resources in this mesmerizing realm. The game delivers an immersive first-person experience accompanied by the captivating original soundtrack of Cityfires.

Should I play Techtonica in 2024?

The Good

Players praise Techtonica for its engaging gameplay, relaxing atmosphere, and satisfying mechanics. The game’s exploration and factory-building aspects are particularly enjoyable. The game’s unique features, such as water wheels and conveyor systems, are well-done and enjoyable to use. Some players have even praised the game’s narrative and storyline.

The Bad

Unfortunately, many players have experienced technical issues such as instability and freezing, which can lead to frustrating experiences. Others have mentioned a lack of polish, confusing game mechanics, and poor world design. Some players have gotten stuck or frustrated with the game’s progression system.


Despite some significant technical issues, the overall sentiment towards Techtonica is very positive. It’s clear that the game has potential and is enjoyable for many players. While some players may be put off by the lack of polish and technical issues, the majority of reviews suggest that the game is worth playing. If the developers can address the stability issues, it’s likely that Techtonica will become a beloved game in the logistics and simulation genre. For now, players who enjoy relaxed games like Satisfactory may find something to appreciate in Techtonica.

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