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Create your own zoological haven by assembling over 500 animals through DNA splicing, balancing care and creativity. Manage your zoo and navigate ethically-charged decisions. Worth playing for its engaging gameplay and variety of content, despite some criticisms.
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Embark on an unparalleled adventure in ‘Let’s Build a Zoo’, where players immerse themselves in the intricate world of zoo management and genetic experimentation. As architects of their very own zoological haven, participants face the exhilarating challenge of assembling over 500 distinct animals while crafting an extensive range of creatures through DNA splicing technology. With a staggering array of over 300,00e animal combinations at your fingertips, including the whimsical ChicKaka and serene PandOwl, the game offers endless possibilities for innovation within its enchanted ecosystems. Players must balance meticulous care with creativity to ensure their animals thrive, while navigating ethically-charged decisions that could either cement their zoo’s legacy or plunge it into scandal.

Should I play Let’s Build a Zoo in 2024?

The good

The reviewers tend to agree that the game is fun and has a cute art style. The variety of colors, patterns, and shapes of the animals is a highlight for many players. The game also has a long playtime, with many players reporting hundreds of hours played. The base game is praised for its engaging gameplay and variety of content.

The bad

The main criticisms of the game are related to its message and forced agenda. Some players feel that the game is pushing a veganism agenda too strongly, with unrealistic or unconvincing representations of meat-based diets. Additionally, the game’s morality system is seen as too rigid and black-and-white, with some players feeling that certain choices are forced upon them.

The Aquarium DLC is also criticized for its grind-heavy gameplay and slow progression. Some players feel that the DLC’s fishing game is too repetitive and unfun, with too much repetition and not enough reward.


Despite its flaws, I would still recommend playing “Let’s Build a Zoo”. While the game’s message and agenda may not align with every player’s beliefs, the game’s core gameplay and variety of content make it an enjoyable experience. Players who appreciate cute, cutesy games and animal-themed simulations will likely have a good time with “Let’s Build a Zoo”. However, those who are sensitive to strong philosophical or moral messages may want to approach with caution.

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