Settlement Survival - Buyer's Guide

Lead your people in Settlement Survival, a city-building game where you balance resources, manage well-being, and navigate through seasons to thrive. A must-play for fans of Banished and colony simulators, despite minor setbacks.
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Embark on a challenging journey in this survival city-building game as you lead your people to a new settlement. Balance shelter, food supply, and protection against nature’s threats while managing well-being, happiness, education, and employment. Strategically choose a location based on resources, design the layout, and customize the settlement. Navigate seasonal changes and environmental disasters, and unlock rare blueprints for unique customization. Develop routes like trading, education, and agriculture to unlock new abilities. With randomly generated maps presenting unique challenges, and special game modes testing your skills, will you triumph over historical disasters and ensure your population’s survival?

Should I play Settlement Survival in 2024?

The good

Reviewers generally feel positive about Settlement Survival for its engaging gameplay mechanics and well-thought-out development. Many have highlighted the robust research tree, which keeps players hooked by continuously offering new objectives. The game is often compared favorably to Banished, but with more content and variety, such as additional buildings, decorations, and space to work with. Players also appreciate the ease of getting immersed, making it an enjoyable and addictive experience despite some minor graphical shortcomings.

The bad

Some players have critiqued the game for its lack of end-game challenges and aimlessness once the initial excitement wears off. A few reviewers mentioned that progression can feel slow and unbalanced, with the game’s difficulty tapering off once a stable settlement is established. The graphics and lighting quality also received some criticism for being quite basic and not very detailed.


Should you still buy or play Settlement Survival in 2024? The general consensus from the reviews is very positive, highlighting an addictive and content-rich gameplay experience despite a few minor setbacks. If you enjoyed Banished or are a fan of colony simulators, Settlement Survival will likely be a rewarding pursuit for you. Just don’t expect an endless stream of challenges and be prepared for some basic graphical elements. Overall, it’s a solid game worth your playtime!

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