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Embark on an airship adventure, building wealth and constructing empires in Merchant of the Skies. Excellent economic simulation with delightful gameplay. Worth checking out!
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Embark on an airship adventure in Merchant of the Skies, blending trading, base-building, and tycoon elements. As a captain, navigate between floating islands, discover new trade routes, and amass wealth to construct your empire amidst over 200 building blocks. Choose from both an engaging campaign that unveils the world’s mysteries and a sandbox mode dedicated to company growth.

Should I play Merchant of the Skies in 2024?

The good

The reviewer who wrote “It’s a nice little game focused on economics: buy low and sell high” seems to really enjoy the game’s core mechanics, saying it’s excellent for its price. Another reviewer mentions it’s “sweet, fun, and engaging while it lasts”, and that it’s reminiscent of old flash games that slowly build up resources and settlements. The third reviewer highlights the delightful feeling of revisiting space-themed mechanics like those in Privateer and Freelancer.

The bad

One reviewer mentions a frustrating moment where they accidentally pressed a key and didn’t notice the “F” button on the screen until ten hours in. Another reviewer notes that the game has some weak points, particularly with puzzles and challenges based on repeating patterns of sound and images.


Despite some minor flaws, the overall sentiment from the reviewers is overwhelmingly positive. The game seems to excel at its core mechanics, making it a delightful and engaging experience for players who enjoy economic simulations and space-themed games. The reviewer who accidentally pressed the “F” button aside, which is an isolated incident, the game’s charm and simplicity make it worth checking out. If you’re a fan of this type of game, I’d say go for it – it’s a sweet little game that’s worth your time.

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