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Escape on a customizable airship in a toxic, post-apocalyptic world. Juxtapose survival with scavenging and reverse-engineering lost tech.
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Prepare to reappear on a ravaged Earth where toxic dust has engulfed the surface. Command a customizable airship as your sanctuary, laboratory, and resource-gathering hub. Utilize scientific know-how to reverse-engineer lost technology, scavenge ruins, and uncover the secrets behind the planet’s downfall. As you descend to the perilous surface, confront evolved flora and fauna, and cure a deadly illness threatening your family. Will you recognize the world you’re returning to?

Should I play Forever Skies in 2024?

The good

The game has a unique setting with a post-apocalyptic airship, which can be interesting to explore. The incorporation of survival elements, such as navigating mazes of tunnels and managing oxygen levels, adds depth to the gameplay experience. Some players found the game to be well-polished, with a promising foundation for a captivating survival adventure.

The bad

The game has some significant issues with optimization, with some players experiencing low frame rates and poor performance. The game’s combat is considered terrible by some players, and the inventory system is also criticized. The repetitive gameplay, limited stack sizes, and harsh survival mechanics can also make the game feel frustrating at times.


Based on the reviews, it’s hard to recommend this game at its current state. While it has some interesting ideas and a unique setting, the game is still far from being complete. The optimization issues, poor combat, and repetitive gameplay make it a game that is not yet ready for purchase. However, with further development and improvement, Forever Skies could have the potential to become a great game. For now, it’s recommended to keep an eye on the game’s development and wait for further updates before considering a purchase.

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