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Explore a procedurally generated planet, construct and optimize a robot manufacturing facility, and balance inputs and outputs to maximize productivity. Discover why reviewers praise its engaging gameplay, visuals, and sound design. Worth playing in 2024?
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In Foundry, you’re given the keys to a procedurally generated planet, where you’ll construct and optimize a sprawling robot manufacturing facility. With Carl’s guidance, you’ll progress from manual resource extraction to automated production lines, balancing inputs and outputs to maximize productivity. With no limits on construction, you’ll build sprawling networks of conveyor belts, pipes, and elevators. Join forces with others in co-op mode to tackle complex logistical challenges in this visually stunning voxel world.

Should I play FOUNDRY in 2024?

The good

The majority of reviewers have praised the game for its engaging gameplay, comparing it to other popular automation games such as Satisfactory, Factorio, and Minecraft. They appreciate the game’s unique blend of 3D gameplay and puzzle-solving, making it a standout title in the genre. Many reviewers have also praised the game’s visuals and sound design, stating that they are top-notch and immersive.

The bad

Some reviewers have expressed concerns about the game’s direction and potential for DLC overload by Paradox Interactive, the publisher. A few reviewers have also mentioned their dislike of the game’s requirement for an independent launcher and additional services, citing concerns about data collection and terms of service. One reviewer mentioned that the game’s progression system feels empty and unsatisfying, lacking a clear objective or goal.


Despite some concerns about the game’s direction and DLC potential, the overall reception of Foundry is overwhelmingly positive. As the game’s blend of automation, exploration, and puzzle-solving is sure to appeal to fans of the genre. While some reviewers may have had specific criticisms about the game’s progression system or direction, the majority of players will likely find the game engaging and enjoyable. So, yes, I would recommend buying and playing Foundry in 2024.

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