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Explore the cosmos, transform planets, and uncover secrets in this relaxing, futuristic space adventure. Discover hidden powers and unravel mysteries with friends in online co-op mode.
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In this futuristic space adventure, you explore the cosmos as an Astroneer, transforming inhospitable planets and uncovering the secrets of a mysterious solar system. With a versatile deform tool, you reshape the terrain, dig deep, and build incredible structures. Collaborate with friends in online co-op mode to construct sprawling bases and vehicles, and unravel the mysteries of the universe. As you delve into the unknown, you’ll discover hidden powers and uncover the truth behind ancient structures.

Should I play ASTRONEER in 2024?

The good

Throughout the reviews, players have praised ASTRONEER for its:

  • Beautiful, stylistic graphics
  • Fun, engaging gameplay
  • Relaxing, calming atmosphere
  • Exploration and discovery mechanics
  • Sandbox-style gameplay
  • Low system requirements
  • Unique blend of exploration, construction, and mining

The bad

A few players have mentioned some issues, such as:

  • A lack of clear objectives or purpose
  • Confusing menu layouts and small text
  • Some bugs and glitches, especially in multiplayer mode
  • A subpar dedicated server experience


ASTRONEER is a wonderful game that offers a unique blend of exploration, construction, and mining in a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere. While it may not be perfect, with some minor drawbacks such as confusing menu layouts and some bugs, it is still a game worth playing. If you’re looking for a fun, calming experience with plenty of exploration and discovery opportunities, ASTRONEER is a great choice.

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