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Explore a vast underground world in Core Keeper, mining, crafting, and battling Titans. With online co-op and customizable characters, team up with friends to conquer the depths. However, the leveling system is a major drawback. Consider buying when reworked for a more engaging gameplay experience.
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Embark on an epic underground journey as an explorer, uncovering secrets in a vast, evolving world. Mine resources, craft tools, and build your base while battling legendary Titans and uncovering the mysteries of the ancient world. Explore diverse biomes, discover ancient civilizations, and create your own unique world with customizable bases and characters. With online co-op for 2-8 players, team up with friends to conquer the depths and conquer the ultimate sandbox adventure.

Should I play Core Keeper in 2024?

The good

Core Keeper has many enjoyable aspects, such as adventuring and exploring, progression, and coop gameplay. The game also has a good variety of ways to play, making it enjoyable for fans of Terraria and similar survival/adventure games.

The bad

The leveling system is the major issue with the game. For most skills, you simply gain 1 xp every time you do something related to that skill, regardless of how difficult or easy it was. This leads to frustrating gameplay, such as having to grind repeatedly to level up skills like Melee and Mining.


As of now, I would not recommended buying Core Keeper in 2024 unless the developers rework the leveling system to make it more engaging and less frustrating. The current system can lead to tedious grinding and make the game feel repetitive and unbalanced. While the game has its enjoyable aspects, the leveling system is a major drawback. However, if the developers address this issue and rebalance the game, it could be a great addition to any survival/adventure game fan’s library.

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