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Explore a submerged world, scavenge, craft, and survive in Sunkenland. But beware, the game is in a primitive state, with many bugs and missing features.
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In Sunkenland, humanity’s future is a submerged world where only the resourceful and brave survive. Explore the ruins of sunken cities, scavenge for valuable technologies, and build a stronghold to call your own. With a focus on crafting, trading, and combat, this post-apocalyptic adventure challenges you to thrive in a treacherous underwater environment. Craft powerful weapons, upgrade vehicles, and build alliances with friendly atolls to stay alive in a world where the ocean’s depths hold many secrets - and dangers.

Should I play Sunkenland in 2024?

The good

The majority of players appreciate “Sunkenland” for its solid survival elements, blending a variety of popular mechanics from other survival games like Stranded Deep, Rust, and The Forest. The underwater graphics and exploration are particularly praised, adding a unique twist to the genre. The game also presents a realistic health system and features a progression system that feels thorough and rewarding. Despite being in early access, many players find the game enjoyable and see great potential for future updates. The grind is also noted to be less burdensome compared to other survival games, and combat with NPCs can be quite thrilling.

The bad

“Sunkenland” still faces significant challenges, as some players report frustrating bugs and glitches, including issues with enemy respawn timers and mission completion blockers. The crafting system appears overly complex and resource-intensive to some, and the scarcity of food can be a major hindrance. Other complaints include poor customer support, corrupted save files, and certain aspects diverging from the underwater theme. Some find the crossbow useless and the game’s content lacking, which affects replayability.


Should you still buy or play “Sunkenland” in 2024? Despite its early access status and some notable issues, the overall sentiment remains very positive. For fans of survival games looking for a fresh experience, particularly with underwater exploration, “Sunkenland” holds promise. 🐠🌊 If you can tolerate a few bugs and are patient for future updates, diving into this game could be a rewarding adventure. Just remember to back up your save files and approach it with an understanding of its current limitations. Happy surviving! 🏝️👍

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