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Embark on a haunting journey through a surreal Pacific Northwest in Pacific Drive, blending driving, exploration, and RPG elements. Experience immersive atmosphere, engaging storyline, and realistic car handling, but be aware of optimization issues and minor flaws. Worth playing for those willing to overlook technical issues.
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Embark on a haunting journey through a surreal Pacific Northwest, where a mysterious research site has left behind a trail of secrets and supernatural terrors. With only your trusty station wagon as a companion, survive the unforgiving zone, upgrade your vehicle, and unravel the mysteries of the ARDA organization. Confront the unpredictable dangers of the zone, from storms and anomalies to twisted forces that lurk in the shadows. Scavenge resources, investigate the unknown, and overcome the odds in a desperate bid to stay alive.

Should I play Pacific Drive in 2024?

The good

Pacific Drive has received rave reviews for its captivating storyline, unique and intriguing world design, and visually stunning graphics. Players have praised the driving mechanics as well laid out, and the creation of anomalies adds an interesting twist to the gameplay. The game’s original soundtrack has also been highlighted as a significant positive, creating a compelling atmosphere while you drive through the post-apocalyptic landscape. Many players have found it to be an awesome and refreshing adventure, with some even hoping for DLCs to extend their time in this compelling world.

The bad

Despite its many strengths, Pacific Drive has a few prominent drawbacks that have frustrated players. Chief among these is the unforgiving save system, which requires players to complete long runs without the ability to save their progress mid-mission. This can be particularly problematic for those who have limited time to play or who might need to stop playing unexpectedly. Issues like spotty performance, game crashes, and a lack of diverse vehicle upgrades have also been raised as concerns. Some players found the gameplay to become repetitive, with a story that doesn’t quite wrap up satisfactorily.


Should you still buy or play Pacific Drive in 2024? 🎮🚗 Absolutely, but with a caveat. If you’re a fan of immersive worlds and enjoy the thrill of a well-crafted post-apocalyptic driving adventure, Pacific Drive is a must-play. The game’s aesthetic, intriguing anomalies, and captivating storyline make for an engaging experience. However, be prepared for the game’s demanding save system and potential for repetitive gameplay. If you have the time and patience to dive deep into its runs, Pacific Drive will reward you with a unique and thrilling journey. Buckle up, and enjoy the drive! 🚗💨

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