Undead Development - Buyer's Guide

Explore a zombie-infested world in Undead Development, a unique VR game that lets you build, defend and survive. Creative freedom and innovative mechanics make it a worthwhile experience.
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Undead Development is an immersive VR game that challenges your survival and building skills in a zombie-infested world. Venture through various landscapes, scavenging for tools, ammunition, and other essentials. Select a base to safeguard and use your hammer tool to fortify it by barricading entrances with pieces from dismantled furniture. Your defense strategies will be put to the ultimate test when the zombie onslaught begins. The game’s unique dynamic nailing system allows you to combine any two objects for added defense. Ever thought of attaching an axe to your rifle, or a bear trap to a baseball bat? With over 70 loot items to unlock, including 30 unique guns and weapons, and 8 replayable maps with randomized loot, the game offers endless possibilities. Undead Development is not designed to scare but to challenge, making it suitable for all who can handle the thrill. The game supports both teleport and trackpad locomotion.

Should I play Undead Development in 2024?

The good

  • Creative Mechanics: Players love the unique ability to nail virtually anything together, allowing for crazy and inventive zombie-slaying weapons and fortifications. Highlights include creating contraptions like “The Trapper,” “The Blast-Pow,” and “The Serious Sam.”
  • Base Building: The game excels in giving players the freedom to construct and defend their bases creatively against zombie waves.
  • Challenging Gameplay: The increasing difficulty of zombie waves provides a good challenge for most players, with some asking for adjustable difficulty settings.
  • VR Compatibility: Works well with Oculus, expanding its reach and ensuring smooth gameplay for VR users.
  • Humorous and Fun: Users find the game fun and entertaining, with many quirky and enjoyable moments.

The bad

  • Missing Multiplayer: The most requested feature is multiplayer or co-op, which many believe would take the game to the next level.
  • Development Halted: The developer has stopped working on this game due to financial constraints, leaving it with some bugs and unrefined features. However, a sequel is in the works, promising the desired features.


If you’re into zombie games and love the idea of creative freedom in building both your defenses and weapons, Undead Development is a fantastic choice. The main gameplay mechanic is so innovative that it transcends the typical “wave shooter” genre. While it doesn’t have multiplayer, this singular flaw doesn’t overshadow the endless fun you can have nailing eight assault rifles together or creating your zombie-slaying contraptions.

Given that the game is mostly positive and has a sequel on the horizon, it’s a solid buy for 2024. Get your VR headset ready and prepare for a delightfully chaotic survival experience! 🧟🔨👷‍♂️

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