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Survive the Amazon rainforest in Green Hell VR, a challenging VR game with crafting, building, and healing mechanics in a stunning setting. Should you play? The verdict: not recommended due to abandonment by the devs and lack of support.
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Green Hell VR catapults you into the depths of the perilous Amazon rainforest, testing your survival instincts to the limit. You’ll play as Jake Higgins, a renowned anthropologist, navigating through this lush yet deadly wilderness, armed with nothing but a smartwatch, backpack, and a survival guide. This VR game presents a formidable challenge, forcing you to manage hunger, thirst, fatigue, and mental health as you fend off wild animal attacks and tropical diseases. It’s a test of self-reliance as you must craft your tools, build shelters, and heal wounds without any external aid. The story unfolds through the voice of a familiar person, revealing the harrowing circumstances that led you here. Green Hell VR offers a truly immersive experience with its VR mechanics for crafting, building, and healing, as well as hunting or gathering for food. Its unique features include a stunning Amazon rainforest setting, realistic body inspection, diverse animal and plant species, and a moving story. With a day and night cycle and varying weather conditions, this game ensures an authentic survival experience.

Should I play Green Hell VR in 2024?

The Good

It seems that some players found the game to be fun, even if it’s not supported anymore. There’s still some enjoyment to be had, especially for those who don’t mind the lack of updates and support.

The Bad

Unfortunately, the majority of players have had a disappointing experience with Green Hell VR. The game has been abandoned by the developers, with no updates, no multiplayer, and no clear support for the VR version. This lack of support has led to frustration and disappointment among players.


Based on the reviews, I would not recommend spending money on Green Hell VR in 2024. The game’s abandonment by the devs and the lack of support make it a poor investment. If you do decide to try it out, be aware that you may encounter bugs, lack of updates, and a general sense of neglect. While some players have found the game to be fun, the overall experience is likely to be marred by the lack of support.

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