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Explore Grimlord, a Souls-like VR game with dark atmospheres, challenging combat, and RPG elements. Worth checking out for fans of the genre, but be prepared for minor issues.
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Grimlord redefines the boundaries of action RPGs and VR interactions, offering players an unrestricted and immersive experience. Starting from humble beginnings, you are tasked with fighting, crafting, and strategizing your way to victory against a diverse set of formidable foes. The fate of Grimlord’s land and your destiny are intertwined in a captivating narrative. The game allows for unique combat styles, offering you the freedom to wield your weapon as you see fit and devise your own attack strategies. Explore the meticulously designed map, filled with breath-taking views, challenging terrain, and hidden treasures. Weapon customization is a core element of Grimlord, with a myriad of parts and combinations to discover and create your preferred combat style. The game features a wide array of enemies and intense boss fights, where learning their attack patterns is crucial for survival. The story of Grimlord unfolds through fragmented information, revealing a land marred by tragedy and bloodshed. Every choice has significant consequences, offering a truly dynamic gaming experience. In Grimlord, you don’t just fight battles, you fight for a cause.

Should I play Grimlord in 2024?

The good

The atmosphere of the game feels very much like a Souls game, capturing the dark and eerie vibes that fans of the series love. The gameplay also feels like a Souls-like experience, with limited healing items and a sense of difficulty that keeps players coming back for more. This sense of challenge and the desire to overcome obstacles is reminiscent of the Souls series and is definitely a positive aspect of Grimlord.

The bad

The biggest issue with Grimlord is the floaty weapon handling, making it difficult to aim and use certain weapons effectively. Additionally, the level system and stats are confusing and hard to understand, making it frustrating to leveled up and track progress. Other minor issues include annoying audio setting resets and the inability to check stats.


Despite its technical issues and missteps, Grimlord shows promise and captures the essence of the Souls series in its atmosphere and gameplay. If you’re a fan of Souls-like games and are looking for a unique VR experience, Grimlord is worth checking out. However, it’s not perfect, and players should be prepared for a few frustrating moments. If the developers can address the issues with weapon handling and level system, Grimlord could become a standout game in the Souls-inspired category. For now, it’s recommended for fans of the genre who are willing to overlook some minor flaws.

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