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Immerse yourself in No Rest for the Wicked's dark fantasy world with strategic combat and stunning graphics. A masterpiece in the making with top-notch world-building and lore. Worth playing in 2024!
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Moon Studios, renowned for their critically acclaimed Ori series, introduces a new Action RPG, No Rest for the Wicked, that promises to redefine the genre. Set in the year 841, following the death of King Harol, the kingdom finds itself in a precarious state. The throne now belongs to Magnus, an inexperienced and arrogant heir, and the Pestilence, a catastrophic plague, has reemerged after a millennium, bringing ruin to the kingdom. Madrigal Seline, an opportunistic church figure, sees this as a chance to assert her divine devotion. The game takes place on Isola Sacra, where rebel factions and the local government clash for dominance. You play as a Cerim, a sacred warrior tasked with eradicating the Pestilence, while also navigating the political turmoil and social struggles plaguing the kingdom. The game tests your combat skills with a system that requires strategic thinking and precision. The narrative, set on the rugged coast of Isola Sacra, unfolds a dark tale of power struggle and an ancient plague turning its inhabitants into horrifying creatures. Explore a world designed like a living painting, with detailed artistry and stunning locales, each holding its own secrets and challenges. The town of Sacrament serves as a respite, where you can own property, fish, farm, and interact with various townsfolk. You can also invite up to three friends to join your campaign in an online co-op mode, sharing every quest and location, or let them explore on their own.

Should I play No Rest for the Wicked in 2024?

The good

The reviews for “No Rest for the Wicked” are overwhelmingly positive. Here’s a breakdown of what gamers are loving:

  • Gorgeous Aesthetic: Players are floored by the unique and stunning art style, comparing it favorably to high-quality animations like “Arcane.”
  • Combat and Gameplay: The fluid and challenging combat is often cited as a highlight, delivering a fun and engaging experience.
  • Engaging Story and Cinematics: The storyline and cinematics are reported to be top-notch, with a quality that leaves players wanting more.
  • Variety and Customization: There’s a massive variety of armor sets, weapons, skills, and enchantments, leading to high praise for the potential in fashion and builds.

The bad

Despite the glowing reviews, a few recurring issues are causing frustration:

  • Timers and Waiting Mechanics: The game includes mobile game-esque waiting times for city expansions and crafting, which many find unacceptable in a single-player ARPG.
  • Performance Issues: Performance can be inconsistent, with frame rates dropping significantly in certain areas.
  • Exploration and Enemy Respawn Issues: Players report difficulties in navigation and a lack of clear direction, along with frustrating enemy respawn mechanics.
  • Stamina and Healing Mechanics: The stamina system is seen as overly restrictive, and the crafting of healing items disrupts the flow of gameplay.
  • Price Point and Content Availability: Some feel the game is overpriced for an early access title with limited content, and there’s a call for a clearer development roadmap.


Should you buy “No Rest for the Wicked” in 2024? Based on the overwhelmingly positive sentiment and the love for its art, combat, and story, the answer is a solid yes with a sprinkle of caution. 🎮✨

Sure, the timers and some mechanics are a hurdle, but if the developers address these issues, this game could transform from an unpolished gem into an absolute must-play. 🛠️💪 So, grab your gear, dive into its gorgeous world, and get ready for a wickedly good time—just keep an eye out for those pesky timers. 🕰️

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