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Explore Survival Nation's immersive VR RPG experience, where you fight to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. With coop and solo modes, RPG elements, and a wealth of activities, but marred by poor controls, confusing tutorial, and lack of polish, should you play this survival game in its current state?
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Survival Nation plunges you into an immersive VR RPG experience where you grapple with the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. As a survivor, your primary mission is to stay alive, requiring you to forge alliances with other camp members. The game teems with undead adversaries, a wealth of weapons, skills to acquire, and a world waiting to be explored. Essential survival tasks like hunting, fishing, gathering, and scavenging are integral to the game.

Cooperation is the game’s cornerstone, emphasizing a multiplayer mode where you can band together with other players for shared adventures and world exploration. You can barter items, collaborate in battles, or if you prefer, engage in a PVP mode that marries survival with absolute freedom of choice. A Solo mode is also available for lone wolves.

RPG elements abound in Survival Nation, with a slew of missions and side activities to progress your character. Three unique skill trees cater to different gameplay styles, whether you’re focused on survival skills, combat, or physical endurance.

The game also offers an array of activities, from treasure hunting with riddles to item searching with a metal detector. The armory is diverse, with each weapon featuring unique stats, feel, and reloading method. Categories include pistols, shotguns, rifles, melee weapons, and explosives, with a bow for the traditional hunters.

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Should I play Survival Nation in 2024?

The good

From what I gathered, the game has a lot of potential, but unfortunately, the execution is where it falls short. Some players seem to enjoy the game’s concept, and the idea of a “Survival Nation” is intriguing. However, it’s clear that the implementation is lacking.

The bad

Oh boy, where do I start? It seems like the game is plagued with poor controls, a confusing tutorial, and a messy UI. Players are complaining about graphical issues, bad player models, and a general lack of polish. On top of that, the game seems to be filled with fetch quests and MMO-style gameplay, which can get repetitive quickly. Not to mention, the game’s lack of gore, physics, and realistic reloading mechanics are definite drawbacks.


Based on the reviews, I would advise against buying or playing Survival Nation in 2024, at least in its current state. The game’s poor controls, confusing tutorial, and lack of polish make it a frustrating experience. While the concept may be interesting, the execution is severely lacking. Unless the developers address these issues and make significant changes, I would recommend waiting for a potential updated version or exploring other survival games that have shown promise. As it stands, Survival Nation is more of a grindfest than an enjoyable gaming experience.

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