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Explore a magical clockwork world, duplicate actions with the Clockwinder's gloves, and unravel puzzles to restore a ancient clocktower. Orchestrate duplicate tasks, but beware of game-breaking bugs and short playtime.
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Unearth a magical pair of gloves nestled within a gigantic tree that bestow upon you the ability to duplicate your actions into perpetual clockwork doppelgängers. This newfound power will aid you in mending the ancient clocktower and revealing the olden mysteries it safeguards. These gloves, known as the Clockwinder’s gloves, enable you to fabricate clockwork copies, referred to as the gardeners. Tasks ranging from cultivation to harvesting to airborne plant tossing must be tackled innovatively to solve the myriad puzzles that await. By harnessing the power of the gardeners, you can devise a synchronized system to nurture plants, collect resources, and collaborate to restore the clocktower. Everything can be automated with the gloves, turning mundane tasks into a repeating cycle. You can orchestrate your duplicates to accomplish feats of meticulous teamwork or construct comically complex contraptions. Set in a serene sci-fi universe, approach challenges at your leisure in a visually stunning environment influenced by horology, science fiction, and nature. Rekindle your bond with the Clocktower as you unravel your intricate history while striving to preserve your former residence.

Should I play The Last Clockwinder in 2024?

The Good

The game has a unique art style and atmosphere, which is a major plus point. The concept of looping riddles is innovative and sounds like a lot of fun. The challenge board feature is also a great way to encourage players to think creatively and solve riddles more effectively.

The Bad

Unfortunately, the game has some major flaws. The biggest issue is the possibility of soft-locking yourself by despawning critical story or riddle items. This can be game-breaking and frustrating, especially when combined with the auto-save feature overwriting working save states. The lack of a fix for this bug after nearly two years is concerning.


Based on the reviews, it seems that The Last Clockwinder has some great ideas, but is held back by its flaws. While the game might be a nice little time-killer, the risk of soft-locking yourself and the lack of a fix for this bug might make it not worth playing for many players. Additionally, the game being only two hours long might not provide enough value for players. In 2024, players might be better off looking for other puzzle games that have ironed out their kinks. Unless the developers plan to address these major issues, it’s hard to recommend this game to anyone but the most hardcore puzzle enthusiasts.

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