Primitier - Buyer's Guide

Experience immersive gameplay in Primitier, a VR-exclusive sandbox game that lets you build and craft with realistic physics. Should you play it? Absolutely!
Fan-art of Primitier

Primitier is a VR-exclusive sandbox game that offers players an immersive and interactive experience. With its realistic physics simulation, players can craft tools and machinery by manipulating objects found within the game’s expansive world. From striking a tree with a stone to create an axe, to building complex machinery, Primitier brings a true sense of craftsmanship. The game features a vast, procedurally generated world that players can explore seamlessly, with the need to craft weapons for defense against potential enemies. All objects, including crafted tools, operate through advanced physics simulation, which even accounts for factors like air resistance, lift, and buoyancy. Players can also customize their avatars using VRM format files and share their gameplay videos in line with the game’s guidelines. Primitier also offers an in-game camera for third-person perspective video output on PC screens.

Should I play Primitier in 2024?

The good

Players are extremely enthusiastic about Primitier, praising its potential and creative freedom. One reviewer mentions the ability to build a car, highlighting the game’s creative possibilities. Another player jokes about putting studies on hold to focus on building in the game. The general sentiment is overwhelmingly positive, with players highlighting the game’s potential for innovation and creativity.

The bad

There isn’t much to discuss negatively about Primitier, as the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. One player mentions being “real dumb” and struggling with the game’s engineering aspects, but this is more a personal admission rather than a critique of the game itself.


Should you still buy or play Primitier in 2024? Absolutely! The reviews are resounding in their praise, and it seems that the game’s creative potential is off the charts. Players are passionate about building and creating in Primitier, and the game’s potential for innovation is infectious. If you’re a fan of creative freedom, engineering, or simply building something, Primitier is definitely worth checking out.

So, grab your tools and get building – Primitier is a game that’s sure to spark your imagination!

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Screenshot of Primitier

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