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Get ready for a gory and action-packed game experience with Hard Bullet. Merge intense gun battles, dramatic effects, and ruthless combat in this physics-based sandbox game.
Fan-art of HARD BULLET

Hard Bullet is an action-packed physics sandbox game that merges intense gun battles, dramatic effects, and ruthless hand-to-hand combat with a variety of tools and amusing modifiers to offer a uniquely violent gaming experience.

The game boasts of in-depth interactions allowing players to disarm foes, steal weapons, deliver elbow kicks, and execute one-handed shotgun reloads, among other moves. The enemy gore body damage is meticulously designed with a full body IK system that brings to life the gruesome mayhem of body dismemberment, bullet holes, and blood fountains.

In addition, Hard Bullet offers a creative sandbox mode where players can use an ammo workshop, a giant generator, and a welding machine to construct their own outlandish weapons. The game’s fast-paced action is heavily inspired by classic Hong Kong action movies, with slow motion and trick controls that allow players to manipulate time, execute slow-motion jumps, dual wield, and deliver overpowering punches.

The game is also replete with iconic weaponry, including a variety of pistols, submachine guns, shotguns, rifles, and machine guns. The game features a creative sandbox mode for players who want to customize their own brutal experience, and a welding tool that allows players to connect any in-game objects into a single physics object. The game also includes a custom ammo workshop, enemy customization, a spawner tool, and location presets.

Finally, Hard Bullet offers a vast collection of legendary firearms, each with unique sounds, damage, and fire modes. Players can choose between two gunplay modes: Tactical Mode, which emphasizes realism, and Arcade Mode, which prioritizes high-octane action.

Should I play HARD BULLET in 2024?

The good

It seems that the game has received plenty of praise from reviewers, with many calling it “really fun” and praising its “gooning mechanic”. The fact that it’s also “gorey” seems to be a bonus for fans of mature content.

The bad

On the other hand, one reviewer did mention that the game is laggy on their Quest 3, which might be a concern for those playing on less powerful hardware.


Despite the lag issue, it seems that the good far outweighs the bad for Hard Bullet. If you’re a fan of action-packed games with a darker tone, Hard Bullet is definitely worth considering. Just be prepared for some lag if you’re playing on a Quest 3. In 2024, it’s still worth playing and experiencing the “gooning mechanic” for yourself. Give it a shot if you’re looking for a fun and gory adventure!

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