After the Fall® - Buyer's Guide

Experience a post-apocalyptic LA in VR as you fight zombies with friends in After the Fall's intense multiplayer action, but be prepared for crashes and grindy progression.
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After the Fall® is a virtual reality masterpiece that thrusts players into a chilling post-apocalyptic Los Angeles. In this multiplayer game, you can collaborate with up to three other survivors to combat a zombie apocalypse that has transformed the city into an icy wasteland. This immersive game is set two decades after the apocalypse, and has been designed specifically for VR, providing a shared, evolving world for players across various platforms. Explore the remnants of a dystopian LA, utilize an arsenal of lethal weapons and harness powerful abilities, all through lifelike movements. With the ability to fight against massive hordes, unique undead creatures, and towering bosses, you can strive to rebuild the city better than those before you. Whether you prefer to play solo or team up with friends for 4-player co-op action, After the Fall® offers intense VR gameplay. Additionally, the game includes fast-paced 4v4 combat, allowing players to compete head-to-head in this icy, zombie-infested landscape.

Should I play After the Fall® in 2024?

The good

The game seems to have a lot of potential, with some players enjoying its arcade VR shooter experience and praising its gunplay and progression system. Some players also appreciate the game’s social aspects, such as playing with friends.

The bad

Unfortunately, the game is plagued by numerous issues, including frequent crashes, long loading screens, disconnections, and poor matchmaking. Additionally, the game’s progression system has been criticized for being grindy, and some players have reported issues with weapons and attachments.


It’s a shame that a game with so much potential is marred by these issues. Unless Vertigo Games addresses these problems, it’s hard to recommend this game. Players who value a smooth gaming experience may want to look elsewhere. However, for those who are willing to overlook these flaws and enjoy the game’s arcade shooter gameplay, there might still be some fun to be had. Just be prepared for a bumpy ride and don’t expect any major updates or patches to fix these issues. Unless the developers start fixing these problems, I would not recommend playing this game in 2024 without significant changes.

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