Night of the Dead - Buyer's Guide

Survive in a post-apocalyptic world plagued by zombies, navigate dangers, and uncover mysteries. Fun but technical issues & flaws, try at your own risk, 2024 release.
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In Zombie Post-Apocalypse, players navigate a perilous world where humans are no longer dominant and survival depends on wit and teamwork. Collaborate with followers in diverse biomes to overcome various zombies using melee weapons, firearms, or heavy artillery. Discover hidden dungeons, fortify your base against nightly hordes, and automate facilities for efficiency. Engage solo or join friends in a multiplayer experience as you unravel the island’amo mysteries.

Should I play Night of the Dead in 2024?

The good

The game has a lot of charm and depth in its funkiness, with a unique take on zombie survival gameplay. Many reviewers praised the game’s atmosphere, with some even comparing it to other popular survival games like 7 Days to Die and Scum. The game’s world is large, with many buildings that can be entered, and there’s a variety of items to collect and use. The game also has a fun and humorous tone, with some reviewers enjoying the “janky” vibe of the game.

The bad

The game has some major technical issues, with many reviewers experiencing glitches, bugs, and poor performance. Some reviewers criticized the game’s graphics, saying they looked dated and unimpressive. There were also issues with NPC pathfinding, with some characters getting stuck in walls or acting odd. Finally, some reviewers were disappointed with the game’s day-night cycle, saying it was too slow at the start and made the game feel boring.


Despite its technical issues and some questionable design choices, I would still recommend this game to fans of survival and zombie games. The game’s charm and humor make it a fun and entertaining experience, and the game’s world is large and full of interesting things to discover. However, potential buyers should be aware that the game is still in early access and is a work in progress. With some patience and willingness to overlook its technical issues, fans of the genre may find a lot to love in this game. Overall, I give it a solid “play it” recommendation, just beware of its limitations and flaws.

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