Trailmakers: Airborne Expansion - Buyer's Guide

Jump into an exhilarating airborne adventure with Trailmakers: Airborne Expansion, praised by the gaming community for its new aerial combat features and fresh gameplay mechanics. Should you buy it? Absolutely! The overwhelmingly positive reviews justify the investment. If you love the original game, this DLC is a must-have.
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Embark upon an airborne adventure with ‘Trailmakers: Airborne Expansion,’ as you join forces with Chirpos against Robot Pirates invaders across diverse landscapes of deserts, mountains and floating islands. This mission-based campaign challenges players to undertake increasingly difficult quests while navigating dangerous territories filled with enemy fighters and weaponry. As rewards for complecuing fellow Chirpos from captivity, players gain a wealth of resources - blocks, parts, engines, wings, thrusters – allowing them the power of majestic flight reminiscent of eagles. However, caution is advised as certain areas present greater dangers and require proper gear.

Should I play Trailmakers: Airborne Expansion in 2024?

The good

It seems that the Trailmakers: Airborne Expansion has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from the gaming community. Gamers are thrilled with the new aerial combat features and the fresh gameplay mechanics introduced by this DLC. Many players praised the expansion’s ability to breathe new life into the original game.

The bad

Some players did mention that they’re a bit miffed about the constant price increases, despite the DLC being one of the best ones in the series.


So, should you still buy the Trailmakers: Airborne Expansion in 2024? Absolutely! The overwhelming positivity from players renders those price concerns relatively minor. The sheer enthusiasm of the reviews more than justifies the investment. If you enjoy the original game, this DLC is a no-brainer. Buckle up, grab your Joystick, and get ready for an exhilarating airborne experience!

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