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Immerse yourself in a realistic VR flight simulation with SimplePlanes VR. Take control of the flight deck and explore a vast array of aircraft.
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Immerse yourself in the virtual reality (VR) of SimplePlanes, where you can take control of the flight deck, engage in flight simulation, and explore a vast array of aircraft. Feel the vibrations of the controls, watch other jets zoom by, and manage unexpected surprises on the runway. With over 100,000 aircraft available for free download from, you can pilot everything from vintage WW2 bombers to futuristic fighters and science fiction spacecraft. This version doesn’t include the option to build or modify crafts, but SimplePlanes does. Each craft’s performance is affected by factors such as weight distribution, thrust, lift, and drag, which are all calculated in real-time. You can still fly even if a wing breaks off, provided you have the skills. There are numerous challenges to keep you engaged, including landing on aircraft carriers, escorting bombers, dodging missiles, and racing through courses. You can use any craft for any purpose in the sandbox mode, the sky is literally the limit. While this product doesn’t support Steam Workshop, it is fully modifiable and compatible with all SimplePlanes mods. VR-specific mods can be uploaded to the SimplePlanes’ workshop. All crafts can be piloted in SimplePlanes VR, but not all are optimized for VR. You can filter crafts designed for VR or explore crafts with non-VR optimized controls. Be mindful of your choices as some crafts may affect performance. The vehicles are primarily designed by the SimplePlanes community, and controls may vary. We’re excited for you to experience the thrill of flying in VR!

Should I play SimplePlanes VR in 2024?

The good

  • Simple and Accessible: True to its name, SimplePlanes VR is praised for its simplicity in controls and gameplay, making it accessible to both advanced and novice players.
  • Immersive Experience: Many players find the VR immersion nearly seamless and highly enjoyable, with various vehicles like planes, helicopters, boats, and more to operate.
  • Variety of Modes: The game offers multiple modes including sandbox, racing, combat, and challenge modes, adding depth and replayability.
  • Good Performance: Users reported good performance on a range of hardware, achieving steady frame rates even on mid-range systems.
  • Community Content: There’s a ton of community-generated content available, which adds even more variety and longevity to the game.

The bad

  • Graphical Limitations: Some users noted the low-polygon vehicles and low-texture environments, which may not appeal to those looking for high-end visuals.
  • Minor Technical Issues: Issues like the servers being down, cumbersome recentering system, and minimalistic, sometimes confusing menu design were pointed out.
  • Lack of Advanced Flight Sim Features: Enthusiasts of realistic flight simulators may find the game lacking in detailed flight physics and certain features like customizable flaps.


Should you still buy or play this game in 2024? Based on the reviews that you read, give your verdict in a fun editorial answer.

🚀 If you’re in search of an approachable and entertaining VR flying experience, SimplePlanes VR is a clear winner. The game lives up to its promise of simplicity while offering a diverse range of vehicles and modes that will keep you strapped in and soaring for hours. With great community content and smooth performance on a variety of systems, it’s a fantastic option for both casual and seasoned VR pilots.

Just don’t expect it to rival hardcore flight simulators in realism or graphical fidelity. For $8 (especially on sale), it’s a bargain for the fun and creativity it offers. So, get your VR headset ready and prepare for takeoff—this one’s a must-try! ✈️🕶️

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