Excavator Simulator VR - Buyer's Guide

Experience Excavator Simulator VR, a lifelike simulation of operating a 90-tonne excavator. Good controls, graphics, and physics, but lacking in content and audio. Not recommended in its current state.
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Experience the power and precision of a 90-tonne excavator without leaving your office with Excavator Simulator VR. This virtual reality game offers a lifelike simulation of operating a colossal excavator using either ISO or SAE control patterns. From digging in real-time, manipulating the boom and bucket, to moving like a tank, this game showcases the intricate operations of these machines. The game lets you explore various levels, whether you’re scaling hills or digging an enormous hole to the ocean, with no constraints even if you choose not to complete the levels.

Designed for both showcasing and educational purposes, Excavator Simulator VR aims to improve your excavation skills and familiarize you with heavy machinery controls. After a few hours of gameplay, you’ll become a proficient virtual operator, able to seamlessly switch between ISO and SAE controls.

The game also promotes creativity and fun - want to dig a swimming pool or create a mountain of dirt? There’s nothing stopping you. All you need is a VR headset compatible with SteamVR, and you’re ready to interact with the virtual joysticks and levers using your virtual work gloves. Note, however, that the game currently does not support audio.

While the game offers an immersive experience, it’s recommended to sit in a chair while playing to reduce the potential for motion sickness. It’s important to remember that while the game provides a solid introduction to excavator controls, it’s not a substitute for proper excavation training.

Should I play Excavator Simulator VR in 2024?

The good

If you are a fan of heavy machinery or construction work, the physics and controls of Excavator Simulator VR can provide a somewhat realistic experience. The graphics are decent for a VR simulation, and those who have been longing to drive an excavator will find some joy in the basic tutorial missions. There are a few individuals who have had some fun just messing around in the digger, and some even found it to be a good bargain at a low price when bought on sale.

The bad

There’s a lot that needs improvement. The most glaring issues include the lack of sound, limited gameplay (comprising only a few tutorial missions), and sensitive, sometimes glitchy controls. Many users felt that the game is still in a very early stage, akin to an early access build rather than a full release. The game is notably short, with most players finishing everything it has to offer within 10-20 minutes. Several reviews also highlight performance issues such as lag and the machine getting stuck on small dirt piles. Additionally, there’s a sentiment that the project appears abandoned by the developer.


Should you buy or play Excavator Simulator VR in 2024? 🚧👷‍♂️

This is a tough one. If you are a die-hard fan of construction machinery simulations and can endure a very bare-bones experience with the hope that the developers might update and improve the game, you could give it a try. However, for most gamers, this title seems to fall flat with too many fundamental issues and a severe lack of content. Unless you find joy in the absolute basics of virtual excavation and can stomach the many flaws, it’s probably best to pass on this one and look for a more polished alternative. ✋🛑

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