SimRail - The Railway Simulator: Cargo Pack - Buyer's Guide

Experience the thrill of driving Poland's powerful ET22 locomotive and hauling heavy freight across Europe in this realistic train simulation game. With complex scenarios and detailed engine operations, it's a must-play for train simulation enthusiasts.
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Immerse yourself in the world of heavy freight with the latest addition to The Railway Simulator: Cargo Pack, featuring Poland’s mightiest locomotive, the ET22. Command this legendary six-axle electric beast, boasting an impressive 3000 kW power and weighing in at a massive 120 tons, as you haul substantial freight loads across mainlines and test tracks alike. New to your fleet are the robust Falns 441V hopper wagons for bulk materials like coal, alongside versatile tank wagons with up to 83,000 litres capacity, ensuring a dynamic cargo transporting experience that’s as realistic as it is challenging. Engage in thrilling single-player missions where only the most adept engineers can master steep ascents and strict speed limitations while managing monumental loads of up to 3000 tons. Moreover, explore beyond coal with wagons filled with gasoline or diesel oil, requiring precision control due to advanced physics that simulate fluid dynamics in motion. Elevate your gameplay experience further by stepping into the functional engine room of the ET22 and mastering its operations.

Should I play SimRail - The Railway Simulator: Cargo Pack in 2024?

The good

  1. High-Quality Models and Texturing: Many reviews praise the incredible models, texturing, sounds, and physics. The ET22 locomotive, in particular, seems to be a visual and auditory delight.
  2. Added Variety: The DLC adds multiple variants of the ET22 ‘Bull’ loco and new freight cars, bringing more variety and layers to the sim world.
  3. Immersive Experience: Detailed startup sequences and challenging scenarios enhance the immersion. The DLC is celebrated for its depth, realistic physics, and overall enjoyable driving experience.
  4. Support for Devs: Several reviewers appreciate the ongoing support for the developers, especially within the niche simulation genre, ensuring continued updates and improvements.

The bad

  1. Price Tag: The most common complaint is the high price of the DLC, around €20, which many feel is hefty for the content offered.
  2. Early Access Concerns: Some reviewers are wary of paying for additional content while the base game is still in Early Access. The sentiment is that selling DLC for an unfinished game is a red flag.
  3. Limited Content: Despite high praise for the quality, some feel that the DLC offers limited content for its price, essentially boiling down to one new locomotive and a few wagons.


Should you jump aboard the SimRail express with this Cargo Pack DLC in 2024? Based on the reviews, it’s clear that this DLC packs a punch in quality, offering some seriously detailed and immersive train simulation experiences. 🚂 The love and labor poured into the ET22 ‘Bull’ and the accompanying freight cars is palpable, making it a worthwhile pick for hardcore sim enthusiasts.

However, 🚨 a cautionary signal is raised due to the high cost versus content ratio and the ongoing Early Access status of the base game. If you’re comfortable shelling out extra euros to support the developers and enhance your SimRail world, this DLC could be a valuable addition. But if you’re looking for substantial content for every euro spent, you might want to wait for a sale or more content-rich updates.

So, full steam ahead if you’re a dedicated SimRail fan! If you’re a value-conscious gamer, perhaps stay on the platform and watch for the next train. 🚉🛤️

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