Train Sim World® 4 - Buyer's Guide

Train Sim World 4 review: Explore realistic train simulation gameplay, creative freedom & relaxing experience. But, beware of poor optimization, high prices & developer backlash. Is it worth playing in 2024? Find out!
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Embark on a thrilling adventure with Train Sim World 4, where simulation meets creativity. With unparalleled velocity and diverse iconic routes, this immersive journey lets you take control of your rail experience. From mastering realistic trains to expressing your artistic side, every aspect of this game is designed to put the power in your hands.

Should I play Train Sim World® 4 in 2024?

The good

  • For Train Enthusiasts: People who genuinely love trains seem to find this game enjoyable. The immersion level and detailed environments are often praised.
  • Improved Immersion: The game is noted to be more immersive than Train Simulator Classic. You can freely explore and move around the trains, which adds a relaxing arcade-like experience.
  • User-Friendly: The simplified controller mechanics make it accessible, even for casual gamers.
  • Sales Are a Win: Those who bought the game on sale feel they got good value for the money, especially with some included DLCs.

The bad

  • Repetitive Content: Several users feel that the game is essentially a rehash of previous versions with minor updates.
  • High DLC Costs: The cost of additional content is a significant point of contention. Many players feel the DLCs are overpriced and necessary for a complete experience.
  • Short Routes: The lack of extensive routes and limited open-world feel doesn’t sit well with some players, especially when compared to other simulators like Euro Truck Simulator 2.
  • Technical Issues: There are complaints about bugs, glitches, and performance drops, which can break the immersion.


Should you buy Train Sim World® 4 in 2024? 🚂 If you’re a hardcore train enthusiast or someone new to train simulators with a keen interest, this game will likely bring you joy, especially if you snag it during a sale. The immersive experience and detailed environments stand out as significant pros.

However, be prepared for high DLC costs if you want the full experience, and don’t expect a radical departure from previous versions. If you’re looking for extensive, open-world gameplay, you might find it lacking. Overall, it’s a “yes” for train lovers and a “maybe” for the casually curious, but always watch for those sales! 🚆💰

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