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Immerse yourself in realistic train simulation with SimRail, featuring realistic driving physics, geodetically-derived environments, and multiplayer excitement. Worth playing, despite some flaws.
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SimRail revolutionizes railway simulation by intertwining realistic driving physics, geodetically-derived environments, and a comprehensive multiplayer experience spanning across 500 km of meticulously recreated European routes. Choose from modern high-speed lines or traverse time to ’80s Poland in a classic steam train. Command a diverse fleet—from steam locomotives to electric trains—using authentic physics that parallel those used for professional driver training. Step into the dispatcher’s shoes, manage your station with era-specific technology, and navigate potential breakdowns while adhering to safety regulations. The game also features realistic multiplayer interaction where players from all over can take on roles as drivers or dispatchers in an evolving world rendered by Unity engine that brings dynamic weather and lively animated passengers to the forefront of immersive gaming.

Should I play SimRail - The Railway Simulator in 2024?

The Good

Many reviewers have praised the game’s realistic simulation of train driving, with intricate details and realistic handling of trains. The multiplayer aspect has also been praised, offering a unique and challenging experience. Some reviewers have also enjoyed the game’s complexity, finding it rewarding to learn and master the nuances of train driving.

The Bad

Many reviewers have criticized the game’s lack of polish, with rough graphics and sound effects. The lack of a save feature and limited content have also been major drawbacks. Some reviewers have expressed frustration with the game’s time-consuming missions and the fact that paid DLC is being released before the game is fully complete.


So, should you buy this game in 2024? While it’s clear that SimRail has some notable flaws, the devoted community and positive reviews from many players suggest that this game has the potential to be something special. If you’re a train enthusiast or a simulator fan, you might find the intricacies of train driving and the multiplayer experience worth putting up with the game’s current flaws. However, if you’re looking for a polished, fully-fledged gaming experience, you might want to wait until the game is further developed and refined.

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