VR Skater - Buyer's Guide

Step into VR Skater and live the thrill of extreme skateboarding in VR. With realistic gameplay and stunning visuals, this game is for fans of extreme sports. Worth buying? Maybe, wait for a sale for the best value.
Fan-art of VR Skater

Immerse yourself in the authentic, thrilling world of VR Skater, a game designed from scratch to offer an unparalleled skateboarding experience. Visualize the board beneath your feet, the rhythmic hum of rubber wheels on tiled pavement, and the adrenaline rush as you nail that flawless ollie. VR Skater’s innovative input mechanics simulate real-life skating like never before, giving you an unprecedented level of control over your board. The game’s unique hand movement controls mimic the motion of your feet, providing an exhilarating, realistic experience. Even the simplest tricks bring immense satisfaction and keep you coming back for more.To aid you in mastering the art of street skateboarding, VR Skater offers comprehensive guidance on various tricks, from flip tricks to grab tricks, grinds, slides, and manuals. These skills empower you to create dynamic skating lines and combos during game runs, accumulating points for record-breaking high scores.The game lets you skate through seven visually stunning urban landscapes and the heart-stopping Mega Ramp. It challenges you to take the plunge and launch yourself across the gap, a feat that’s truly awe-inspiring in VR.VR Skater also includes XP, medals, trophies, leaderboards, and a shop where you can exchange your hard-earned XP for new grip tape, trucks, wheels, and eye-catching board artwork. The game’s comprehensive features and realistic gameplay make it a must-play for any skateboarding enthusiast.

Should I play VR Skater in 2024?

The good

Many users find “VR Skater” to be a gripping and fun experience, immersing themselves in the game’s realistic environments and fluid gameplay mechanics. The VR experience is generally well-received, with the game capturing the essence of skateboarding in a way that feels both exhilarating and true to life.

The bad

The primary complaint is the price point. Some players feel the $35 tag is high for the amount of content available at launch. A common suggestion is to wait for a discounted price if you are looking for more value for your money.


“VR Skater” offers a thrilling VR skateboarding experience that’s loved by many. 🛹 While the cost might be steep for some, the game’s quality and immersion make it a worthy addition to your VR library. If the price is a concern, you might want to wait for a sale, but otherwise, strap on your VR headset and get ready to hit the virtual streets! 🌟

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