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Experience the thrill of HEARTSHOT, a VR espionage thriller with innovative magnet gloves, intense battles, and a retro-futuristic art style. Overwhelmingly positive reviews praise the game's fun take on stealth. Should you play it? Certainly worth trying out!
Fan-art of HEARTSHOT

HEARTSHOT, a VR game, is a riveting espionage thriller that thrusts players into an adrenaline-fueled world filled with action and suspense. The game’s setting, a hidden facility in the icy expanse of Siberia, is as chilling as the nefarious plot you’re tasked to unravel. The game’s innovative feature, magnet gloves, are your primary tool, allowing you to snatch weapons from defeated foes and interact with the surroundings as you navigate through an expansive underground labyrinth.

The magnet gloves are your Swiss army knife in HEARTSHOT, allowing you to grab weapons, ammunition, and control machinery, even making dramatic entries. The game also offers an array of weapons and add-ons, featuring an intuitive system that lets you adjust your arsenal as you go.

In the heat of battle, reloading may not be an option. That’s where throwing random objects comes into play, providing a momentary advantage to regain control. Thanks to HEARTSHOT’s auto-aim system, your throwing accuracy is more precise than you might expect.

The storyline casts you as a seasoned agent on a quest to topple a global crime syndicate. A whistleblower’s desperate plea leads you to a secluded Siberian base, once a hotspot for Soviet-era crime, now under the iron fist of Marko Sokovic. Your mission is clear: infiltrate, hack, and expose Sokovic’s malevolent scheme. Your success hinges on your ability to think on your feet as the stakes continue to escalate.

Should I play HEARTSHOT in 2024?

The good

  • Highly Engaging Combat: Players are thrilled by the intense and dynamic combat mechanics. Many liken it to living out a John Wick fantasy.
  • Great Storytelling & Level Design: The narrative is praised for its engrossing story and well-structured levels that provide a rewarding gameplay experience.
  • Nostalgic Yet Modern: The game successfully blends a retro art style reminiscent of old-school shooters like Metal Gear Solid and Goldeneye 64 with modern VR capabilities.
  • Fun Factor: Across the board, gamers report having a lot of fun, enjoying both the main storyline and arena modes.
  • High Replayability: With a plethora of weapons and varied level designs, players find themselves eagerly coming back for more.

The bad

  • Early Access Bugs: There are some notable bugs, especially related to the night vision feature and weapon handling.
  • Quality of Life (QOL) Issues: Issues like awkward hand movement, non-functional starter pistol, and inconsistent weapon storage have been highlighted by players.
  • Unpolished Elements: Some areas feel unpolished and a bit rough around the edges, indicating the game needs more refinement before its full release.


Should you still buy or play this game in 2024?

Absolutely! 🎮

HEARTSHOT captivates with its engaging combat, immersive storytelling, and a nostalgic art style that hits all the right notes for fans of old-school shooters. While there are early access bugs and some quality-of-life issues, the overall experience is overwhelmingly positive. If you’re looking for a thrilling VR adventure that blends the best of the past and present, HEARTSHOT is worth diving into. Just keep an eye out for those updates, as the potential for this game to become a VR masterpiece is very real. 🌟

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Screenshot of HEARTSHOT

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