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Explore a thrilling VR adventure in Vertigo 2, overcoming alien creatures and security bots to find your way home. Praise-winning story, gunplay, and adventure await in this masterpiece.
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Vertigo 2, a virtual reality adventure designed for a single player, takes you on a thrilling journey deep within Quantum Reactor VII. As you awaken, you are faced with the task of navigating your way home through a labyrinth of strange alien creatures and lethal security bots hell-bent on eradicating all life forms. In this expansive, meticulously crafted world, which significantly surpasses its predecessor in scope, you’ll encounter a plethora of hostile entities. With both teleportation and smooth locomotion at your disposal, you’ll wield a collection of 14 cutting-edge VR weapons, each featuring unique reloading mechanisms. A full cast of voiced characters and an immersive original soundtrack accompany you on this epic journey. Notorious for its challenging boss fights, Vertigo 2 ups the ante with 10 fresh bosses and an extended campaign that is considerably larger than the original Vertigo.

Should I play Vertigo 2 in 2024?

The good

Vertigo 2 has quickly established itself as a top-tier VR experience, often being compared to giants like Half-Life: Alyx and Boneworks. Players are raving about its engaging and well-crafted story, a rare gem in the VR landscape. The game boasts a diverse array of enemies and dynamic set pieces that keep players on their toes. The fact that it was developed by a single person adds an impressive layer to its acclaim. Many reviewers consider it among the best VR games ever made, highlighting its immersive gameplay and innovative design.

The bad

The negative points are sparse but notable. One user felt that the game borrows elements from ULTRAKILL, going as far as to describe it as a ripoff, albeit in a humorous and exaggerated manner. Another user expressed a frustrating experience with accidentally hostile in-game creatures.


Should you still buy or play this game in 2024? Absolutely! 🎮 Vertigo 2 comes highly recommended by the majority of its players, many of whom place it in the pantheon of VR greats. Its compelling story, varied enemies, and stunning set pieces make it a standout title that should not be missed. The overwhelmingly positive sentiment suggests you’ll have an unforgettable VR experience. So strap on your headset and dive into this immersive world – satisfaction is all but guaranteed! 🚀

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