A Plague Tale: Requiem - Buyer's Guide

Explore a mystical world with Amicia and Hugo in this emotional odyssey. Enjoy masterful storytelling, beautiful graphics, and a great narrative despite some criticisms. A must-play title with high replay value. Max 155-160 characters
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In a world beautifully warped by mystical elements, embark on an emotional odyssey that transcends the vast ocean. Having fled their ravaged homeland, the protagonists, Amicia and Hugo, journey southward to unexplored territories and lively metropolises in hopes of a fresh start and to manage Hugo’s affliction. However, the resurgence of Hugo’s abilities heralds a resurgence of death and chaos in the form of a ravenous rat swarm. Driven to escape yet again, the siblings pin their hopes on a mythical island believed to possess the solution to Hugo’s condition. Experience the harrowing sacrifice for loved ones in this relentless fight for existence. Employ stealth, weaponry, and supernatural abilities to overcome adversaries and hurdles. This game, a sequel to the critically acclaimed ‘A Plague Tale: Innocence’, offers a compelling narrative beautifully intertwined with the supernatural, a diverse array of tools for combat and strategy, and breathtaking graphics coupled with an immersive soundtrack.

Should I play A Plague Tale: Requiem in 2024?

The good

The Plague Tale: Requiem has received widespread critical acclaim for its masterful storytelling, well-crafted gameplay, and emotional depth. The game’s narrative has been praised for its portrayal of sibling love and the struggles they face in a medieval setting. The game’s graphics and soundtrack have also been praised for their beauty and effectiveness in immersing players in the game’s world. Additionally, the game’s replay value is high, with players encouraged to replay the game to uncover hidden secrets and achievements.

The bad

Some players have reported frustration with the game’s gameplay mechanics, particularly the lack of depth in the stealth system and the repetition in the experience. Others have criticized the game’s story for being too fantastical and failing to deliver on the promise of the first game’s realism. One player in particular was bothered by the lack of questioning regarding Hugo’s fate, and the fact that no characters seemed to question Amicia’s devotion to her brother.


Despite the criticisms, I would still recommend buying and playing The Plague Tale: Requiem. The game’s masterful storytelling, beautiful graphics, and emotional depth make it a standout title in the gaming world. While some players may find the gameplay mechanics lacking, the overall experience is well worth the investment. With a few months or years under your belt, the game’s replay value is undeniable.

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