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Immerse in the ultimate arachnid showdown in Kill It With Fire VR, eradicating spider infestations with unique weapons and technology. Overwhelmingly positive reviews make it a must-play in 2024.
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Immerse yourself in the ultimate arachnid showdown with the VR edition of Kill It With Fire, an exhilarating experience that allows you to wage war against mankind’s oldest and most formidable foe: spiders. Brace yourself, as this game doesn’t shy away from realism. Your task is simple, albeit challenging: eradicate a spider infestation that’s wreaking havoc in your town. But fear not, you’re not fighting this battle unarmed. As a certified exterminator in Kill It With Fire, you’re equipped with an impressive array of weaponry and tech designed for some serious pest control. The occasional collateral damage is just a testament to your thoroughness. The game boasts a variety of unique weapons, eight different spider species to combat, a ‘realistic’ fire simulation system, and a plethora of optional objectives. If you’re in for a little extra fun, seek out hidden upgrades, test your skills in the Arachno-Gauntlet, or uncover the game’s hush-hush ending. Kill It With Fire is all about chaos, destruction, and a whole lot of eight-legged enemies.

Should I play Kill It With Fire VR in 2024?

The good

It seems that players have had a blast (pun intended) with Kill It With Fire VR, with one reviewer even stating it’s a “20/10 game”. The game’s VR experience has brought out intense reactions, with one player screaming their lungs out and even causing concern among their roommates!

The bad

There’s not much to discuss in this category, as the overall sentiment is overwhelmingly positive.


It’s clear that Kill It With Fire VR is a real scorcher (okay, I’ll stop with the fire puns now). With such an overwhelmingly positive reaction from players, I’d confidently recommend giving this game a try in 2024. The screaming praise from reviewers suggests that this game is a wild ride, and VR fans are in for a treat.

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