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Explore the infinite universe with Universe Sandbox, a space simulator with real-time physics, stunning visuals, and creative freedom. Shape the cosmos with endless possibilities. Worth playing despite minor issues.
Fan-art of Universe Sandbox

Embark on a cosmic adventure with Universe Sandbox, a breathtaking space simulator that seamlessly merges real-time physics and stunning visuals. Explore the infinite vastness of the universe, manipulating gravity, climate, and collision interactions. Venture into VR mode to experience the majesty of galaxy collisions, planetary formations, and dramatic celestial events. Shape the very fabric of our cosmos with unparalleled creative freedom.

Should I play Universe Sandbox in 2024?

The good

Universe Sandbox has garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews from its players, which is a strong testament to its engaging and educational gameplay. Fans love the ability to simulate real-world physics, celestial bodies, and gravitational forces with high accuracy. The game is praised for its realism, constant updates, and interactive features that allow you to do things like launch celestial bodies at each other for spectacular collisions. Many players find it extremely satisfying and even relaxing, making it a favorite among space game enthusiasts. The ability to create and manipulate your own universe provides endless entertainment and educational value.

The bad

While the game is highly regarded, there are a few technical issues reported. Some players have experienced crashes and difficulties running the game on older PCs or laptops. The need for a decent or newer system to enjoy the game smoothly is something to consider. One or two reviewers mentioned issues with the game menu and startup crashes.


Should you still buy or play this game in 2024? 🚀 Absolutely! Universe Sandbox offers an unparalleled space simulation experience that is both entertaining and educational. Whether you’re launching moons at France or teaching yourself about celestial physics, this game provides endless hours of fun. Just make sure your computer can handle it, and you’ll be ready to destroy everything (virtually, of course)! 🌌✨

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Screenshot of Universe Sandbox

Top image is not real in-game screenshots. Fan-art made by Gamer.se. Some game metadata is coming from RAWG