RealFlight Evolution - Buyer's Guide

Experience the most realistic RC flight simulator with over 300 aircraft and 75 flying sites. A solid game, but is it worth the price tag? Read on to find out.
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Immerse yourself in the most realistic radio-control flight simulator, RealFlight Evolution, featuring over 300 aircraft and 75 flying sites. With a fresh, modern UI and quarterly DLC updates, this groundbreaking sim offers unparalleled realism and customization options. Compete with friends online, hone your skills with Virtual Flight Instructor lessons, or simply enjoy the thrill of flight without leaving your desk.

Should I play RealFlight Evolution in 2024?

The good

RealFlight Evolution enjoys a very positive reception from players. It offers a fun and engaging experience, even for those who are just starting to learn how to fly. Its capacity to entertain while teaching is a standout feature that keeps players coming back.

The bad

Some players have pointed out that the graphics and aircraft models feel outdated, with some assets dating back to 2009. The price has also been criticized by a few as being too high for what they see as dated content.


RealFlight Evolution is like that reliable old friend who might have a few wrinkles but is still a ton of fun at the party. If you’re looking to have a blast and maybe learn a thing or two about flying, this game is a solid pick. Its charm and educational value far outweigh the few grumbles about dated graphics. So, get ready to soar the skies in 2024! 🛫🌟

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