BMX Streets - Buyer's Guide

Experience the thrill of BMX Streets with seamless controls, customization options, and multiplayer. Beware of technical issues and bugs. Worth playing on sale? Maybe.
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Embark on a thrilling BMX adventure through a sprawling, open-world environment inspired by Vancouver’s iconic landmarks. Master revolutionary controls, combining buttons and triggers to navigate the bike with precision. Take part in a wide range of challenges, from races to trick attacks, and customize your ride with over 1,000 bike parts. Ride with up to three friends in online multiplayer and share your replays using the built-in editor. With a powerful tweak system, vast customization options and real-world pros joining the ride, BMX Streets is poised to become the ultimate BMX gaming experience.

Should I play BMX Streets in 2024?

The Good

The game has the potential to be a fun and satisfying BMX game experience, with many reviewers praising its controls and bike customization options. The game’s modding community has also released some fantastic mods that can enhance the gameplay experience. Some reviewers have also praised the game’s sense of realism and physics.

The Bad

Unfortunately, the game is marred by numerous bugs and glitches, with many reviewers reporting crashes, poor performance, and unresponsiveness. The game’s large map can feel empty and lifeless, and the lack of playable characters or customization options is a drawback. The game’s difficulty curve can also be steep, with some challenges being very difficult to complete.


All things considered, I would not recommend buying this game at its full price. While it shows some promise and has a dedicated modding community, the numerous bugs and glitches make it a frustrating experience. If the game is significantly cheaper, say around $10-20, it might be worth a try for hardcore BMX fans. However, at its current price point, it’s hard to justify the cost. If the developers can iron out the technical issues, add more features and polish, then maybe it will be worth playing. For now, I’d say wait for a price drop or a major update before diving in.

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