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Explore WWII through RTS gameplay in Men of War II, with immersive graphics & audio, but beware of the always-online requirement that disrupts single-player experience, affecting player experience. Perhaps wait for patches to improve single-player mode before considering purchase, pending game refinement.
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Experience World War II like never before in Men of War II, a real-time strategy game that offers unprecedented control and customization. Lead your troops through epic battles on both the Western and Eastern Fronts, with over 400 units to command and advanced enemy AI. With enhanced visuals and audio, this game brings a new level of immersion and realism to the series. Explore three narrative campaigns, dynamic modes, and multiplayer options, and create and share your own scenarios using the built-in level design tool and Steam Workshop integration.

Should I play Men of War II in 2024?

The good

  • Variety of Game Modes: The game offers a multitude of game modes for both single-player and multiplayer, which adds to its replayability.
  • Straight-to-the-Point Action: Some players appreciate the quick-paced action and the simplicity of jumping straight into the action without much delay.
  • Difficulty Options: There are several difficulty levels available, catering to both new players and veterans of the genre.
  • Improved Micro-Management: Features like firing while moving, AA targeting planes, and better building garrison mechanics are noted improvements from previous titles.
  • Historical Variety: Despite some inaccuracies, the inclusion of various unit types and historical scenarios is appreciated by some players.

The bad

  • Arcade-ish Feel: Many fans feel that this iteration has strayed too far from the original, feeling more arcade-like rather than a true RTS.
  • Online Only Play: The requirement to always be online has frustrated many players, especially those with poor internet connections or those who prefer single-player.
  • Unit and AI Issues: Complaints about unit HP, poor AI behavior, and the necessity for heavy micro-management are common.
  • Sound and Interface: Both the voice acting and user interface have received negative feedback for being subpar.
  • Historical Inaccuracies: Some unit placements and scenarios have been criticized as historically inaccurate.
  • General Polish: Many feel the game lacks polish and refinement, making it feel unfinished or rushed.


Should you buy or play “Men of War II” in 2024? 🚫 Not quite yet!

While “Men of War II” brings a lot of potential to the table with its various game modes, difficulty options, and improved micro mechanics, it falls short in key areas that fans of the series care about. The arcade-like feel, persistent online-only requirement, and various AI and unit issues are significant drawbacks.

If you’re a die-hard RTS fan or a “Men of War” series veteran, you might find some elements to enjoy, but the general consensus seems to be that it’s not living up to its predecessors. Perhaps give it some time for patches and updates to refine the experience, or consider enjoying “Gates of Hell” in the meantime. 🎮

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