Total War: WARHAMMER III - Elspeth – Thrones of Decay - Buyer's Guide

Unleash Elspeth's dark magic and master strategic warfare in the latest Total War: WARHAMMER III DLC.
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In the latest expansion to Total War: WARHAMMER III, the Elspeth – Thrones of Decay pack introduces the enigmatic Elspeth von Draken, a powerful magistrix leading the Empire’s fight against chaos. With her mastery of dark magic and military prowess, Elspeth brings a new brand of strategic warfare to the battlefields. Unlock exclusive units, heroes, and mechanics to revamp your campaign and defend the Empire against the forces of doom. Join forces with Nuln’s Imperial Gunnery School to unleash the power of combined arms warfare and claim victory over the forces of chaos.

Should I play Total War: WARHAMMER III - Elspeth – Thrones of Decay in 2024?

The good

Many players rave about the introduction of Elspeth Von Draken and the Wissenland faction, which brings a fresh focus on artillery and gunpowder units. Fans of the Empire faction will find the new units and mechanics exciting, breaking the monotony of repeatedly starting campaigns with Franz and Balthasar. The overall design, including new units and faction mechanics, seems to be a hit, offering a visually and strategically appealing experience. 🎉

The bad

Some players have expressed concerns over recent balance changes in the 5.1 patch, which have nerfed several units and features, reducing their enjoyment of the DLC. There’s also frustration over the fragmented DLC system, requiring multiple purchases and additional sign-ups to access all content, which some feel is a cash grab. Additionally, the lack of a coherent story for Elspeth has disappointed those looking for a more narrative-driven experience.


Should you still buy or play this DLC in 2024? Despite some gripes regarding recent nerfs and the storytelling, the overwhelming positive reception suggests that this DLC breathes new life into the Empire faction. If you love artillery and gunpowder, or if you’re an Empire fan looking for something new, “Elspeth – Thrones of Decay” definitely seems worth a shot. Just remember to keep an eye on patch updates! 🎮💥

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