Total War: WARHAMMER III - Shadows of Change - Buyer's Guide

Experience Total War: WARHAMMER III's new Legendary Lords, units, and spells in the Shadows of Change pack. Is it worth it in 2024?
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In the latest Shadows of Change pack, three new Legendary Lords - the Changeling of Tzeentch, Yuan Bo of Grand Cathay, and Mother Ostankya of Kislev - bring fresh campaign mechanics and units to the Realm of Chaos and Immortal Empires campaigns. Embrace change with new heroes, units, and spells, and experience a world of trickery, grand stratagems, and witchcraft.

Should I play Total War: WARHAMMER III - Shadows of Change in 2024?

The good

Players appreciate the new units and some find value in the unique, albeit gimmicky, campaigns. The Changeling, for example, offers a completely new style of campaign that some users find refreshing and fun. Yuan Bo is recognized for bringing substantial power and improved gameplay mechanics for Cathay. Some users also feel that the post-release updates and reworks have added enough content to justify the DLC to some extent.

The bad

Many users feel the DLC is overpriced and features content that feels half-baked, especially for Kislev and Tzeentch. The design of some campaigns, like the Changeling’s, is polarizing—described as a slow burn with little challenge, which may not appeal to everyone. Users also criticize the necessity of buying multiple DLCs to get a “complete” game, comparing the pricing model unfavorably to companies like Paradox.


Should you still buy or play this game in 2024? 🤔

If you’re a hardcore Total War: WARHAMMER III fan who enjoys experimenting with new units and unique campaign mechanics, you might find “Shadows of Change” worth a look—preferably on sale. However, if you’re sensitive to pricing or want fully fleshed-out content across all factions, you might want to skip it or wait for additional reworks. The DLC delivers mixed experiences with highs in unit variety and some innovative gameplay, but lows in terms of campaign quality and cost. Proceed with caution, but don’t be afraid to dive in if it ticks your boxes. 🛡️⚔️

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