eFootball™ 2024 - Buyer's Guide

Build your dream team, competing in online tournaments with live match updates. Should you play eFootball 2024? Read on. Poor graphics, weak gameplay, and lack of content make it a flop. Not worth playing.
Fan-art of eFootball™ 2024

In eFootball, players can build their dream team by signing real-world footballers and competing in online tournaments. The game features live updates based on real-world matches and themed seasons, allowing players to earn rewards and showcase their skills. With a focus on customization and depth, eFootball offers a unique and immersive footballing experience.

Should I play eFootball™ 2024 in 2024?

The Good

Some reviewers found the graphics and pitch scale to be realistic and like the gameplay. Some users appreciated the improvements made to the game. Others found the game to be an improvement over the previous version.

The Bad

This is where things get ugly. Almost all reviewers slammed the game, citing issues with poor graphics, weak gameplay mechanics, and a lack of content. Many users were unhappy with the game’s controls, AI, and overall feel. Some reviewers even called the game a “flop” and a “mess”.


In conclusion, based on the overwhelmingly negative reviews, I would strongly advise against purchasing or playing this game. It seems like the game is plagued by technical issues, poor design choices, and a lack of content. Even with some improvements over the previous version, the game is still not worth the investment. If you’re looking for a good football game, I would recommend exploring other options. Save your money and your sanity!

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In-game Screenshot

Screenshot of eFootball™ 2024

Top image is not real in-game screenshots. Fan-art made by Gamer.se. Some game metadata is coming from RAWG