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Experience space exploration and orbital mechanics in this addictive, educational game, praised for its depth and realism. Worth playing for space enthusiasts and simulation fans.
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‘Kerbal Space Program’ thrusts players into the helm of an alien space program. Assemble audacious spacecraft from diverse parts, each affecting flight dynamics under realistic physics principles. Command your Kerbal crew to orbit and beyond within the expansive Kerbol system; establish outposts on celestial bodies. Explore through Science Mode’s technological advancements or Career Mode’s strategic operations, while Sandbox Mode offers unrestricted creativity. Navigate intricate terrains, undertake extravehicular endeavors and dock spacecraft for monumental construction projects. Amidst satellite scans and communication networks, discover invaluable resources within the star system. Plus, embrace community-created mods to enhance your cosmic journey.

Should I play Kerbal Space Program in 2024?

The good

The overwhelming majority of reviewers praise Kerbal Space Program as an addictive, engaging, and educational game that simulates the challenges of space exploration and orbital mechanics. They praise its depth, realism, and sense of accomplishment when players overcome the game’s numerous challenges. Many reviewers praise the game’s modding community, which has created a vast array of custom content and has contributed to the game’s continued longevity.

The bad

Some minor drawbacks mentioned by reviewers include the game’s learning curve, which can be steep for new players. A few reviewers have experienced technical issues, such as lost game data, and share their concerns about the game’s reliance on Steam and the lack of a native launcher.


Based on the overwhelmingly positive reviews, I wholeheartedly recommend Kerbal Space Program to anyone interested in space exploration, simulation, or even just a fun and challenging game. While some reviewers have experienced technical issues or minor drawbacks, the game’s many strengths and the vast support of its community make it a top-notch gaming experience. If you’re looking for a engaging and educational game that will challenge you and keep you coming back for more, Kerbal Space Program is the perfect choice.

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