Stellaris - Buyer's Guide

Explore the galaxy, build an empire, and navigate diplomatic relationships in this complex space strategy game, but beware of questionable business practices and reliance on AI.
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Embark on a grand adventure across the galaxy, building and managing a thriving interstellar empire. Explore mysterious planets, forge alliances, and wage war with customizable fleets in a procedurally generated universe. With a wealth of customization options, from species traits to ship design, the possibilities are endless.

Should I play Stellaris in 2024?

The good

The game has received praise for its engaging gameplay, rich lore, and intricate diplomacy mechanics. The game’s visuals and music are also praised by many players. The modding community is active and vibrant, offering a wide range of user-generated content.

The bad

The game’s DLC model has been heavily criticized for being exploitative and milking players for profit. Many players feel that the DLCs are overpriced and offer too little value for the price. The game’s reliance on generative AI has also been met with criticism, with many players feeling that it’s an unethical practice that replaces human creativity.

The ugly

The game’s business practices have been condemned by many players, who feel that Paradox is prioritizing profit over the well-being and creativity of its developers, artists, and voice actors. The game’s DLC policy has been described as “laughable” and “sinister.” Some players have even gone so far as to say that the company’s practices are comparable to those of a “grindhouse.”


While Stellaris can be a fun and engaging game, its shady business practices and reliance on generative AI make it difficult to recommend. Unless Paradox addresses these issues and prioritizes the well-being of its developers, artists, and voice actors, it’s hard to justify supporting the game. If you’re considering purchasing Stellaris, be prepared for a potentially frustrating experience and weigh the pros and cons carefully.

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