Europa Universalis IV - Buyer's Guide

Explore history with Europa Universalis IV, a grand strategy game with depth and complexity. With pros and cons, it's worth trying despite a steep learning curve and frustrations.
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Embark on a majestic journey through the annals of time, as “Europa Universalis IV” puts the fate of civilization in your hands. Navigate the tumultuous landscape of the Renaissance era, guiding your chosen nation through treacherous wars, royal alliances, and age-defining discoveries. With unparalleled historical accuracy and depth, forge your own destiny, shaping the course of human history like never before.

Should I play Europa Universalis IV in 2024?

The good

The majority of reviewers have praised the game for its complexity, depth, and replayability. Many reviewers have invested hundreds of hours in the game and have shown enthusiasm for its intricate mechanics and world-building. Some reviewers have also mentioned the game’s impressive scope, allowing players to simulate historical events and make their own decisions.

The bad

Some reviewers have criticized the game’s DLC policy, stating that the DLCs are overpriced and that the game is bloated with unnecessary content. Some reviewers have also mentioned issues with the game’s AI, citing games where the AI cheats or takes unfair advantage. Additionally, some reviewers have reported issues with the game’s stability and performance.

The ugly

A small number of reviewers have expressed frustration with the game’s DLC policy, stating that it favors certain mods over others and that the game is no longer enjoyable due to its design philosophy. Some reviewers have also mentioned that the game can be overwhelming for new players, citing the game’s complexity and lack of clear tutorials or guidelines.


Despite some criticisms, Europa Universalis IV is a game that will appeal to strategy enthusiasts and history buffs. While it’s true that the game’s DLC policy can be frustrating, and the AI can be scripted in some scenarios, the overall experience is worth the investment. New players may find the game overwhelming, but with patience and dedication, they can unlock its depth and complexity. If you’re a fan of grand strategy games, Europa Universalis IV is a game that’s worth trying, especially since it continues to receive updates and new content. However, be prepared for a steep learning curve and some frustrations along the way. With that said, it’s definitely worth giving this game a try – just be prepared to invest the time and effort to fully appreciate its scope and complexity.

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