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Experience World War II from the perspective of a South American nation in 'Trial of Allegiance', a DLC for Hearts of Iron IV. With unique focuses and factions, play through domestic and global crises. Meh game, not worth the $15 price tag.
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In “Trial of Allegiance,” a new pack for Hearts of Iron IV, players assume the role of a nation on the brink of chaos, navigating the treacherous landscape of World War II. Set amidst the tumultuous backdrop of South America, players can forge alliances, assert dominance, or succumb to the pressures of war. With three unique national focuses for Brazil, Argentina, and Chile, players must navigate domestic and global crises to reshape the continent’s future.

Should I play Country Pack - Hearts of Iron IV: Trial of Allegiance in 2024?

The good

Well, some people did find a few redeeming qualities in this DLC, such as the addition of new focus trees and improvements to the South American provinces. However, it’s clear that these positive points are vastly overshadowed by the numerous criticisms.

The bad

Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of the criticisms center around the perceived laziness and poor value of the DLC. Reviewers felt that the DLC was overpriced, with too little content and not enough effort put into its development. Many also expressed frustration with bugs and errors, as well as the disappointing inclusion of only a portion of the South American continent.


Would I recommend buying this DLC in 2024? Unfortunately, no. The general consensus among reviewers is that the DLC is not worth the $15 price tag, and that Paradox failed to deliver on its promises. While some may find a few acceptable features, the widespread criticisms far outweigh the positives. It’s better to give this DLC a pass and wait for future updates or better offerings from the developers.

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