Stellaris: The Machine Age - Buyer's Guide

Join the Machine Age revolution in Stellaris: The Machine Age, a must-play DLC with new content, shipsets, and origins, praised for its quality and value. Overwhelmingly positive reviews make it a 'must-buy'.
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In the Machine Age, humanity’s quest for immortality ignites a technological singularity, birthing an era of unbridled progress. Amidst the limitless potential, a galactic threat emerges, challenging the very essence of existence. Will you ally with the enigmatic Synthetic Queen, Cetana, or thwart her plans for a transformed cosmos?

Should I play Stellaris: The Machine Age in 2024?

The good

“Stellaris: The Machine Age” appears to be a standout expansion for Stellaris, with countless players praising its ability to revamp and enrich the core gameplay. The addition of new origins and the introduction of individualistic machine empires significantly diversify how players can approach the game. The three new synthetic ascension paths—Virtual, Modularity, and Nanomachines—provide fresh and exciting strategies, especially appealing for veteran players who have spent hundreds to thousands of hours in Stellaris. The rework of cybernetics and the inclusion of the Cosmogenesis crisis ascension perk further enhance gameplay diversity and creativity. Many reviewers describe this DLC as one of the best ever made for Stellaris, reaffirming its place as a must-have for dedicated fans.

The bad

Despite the overwhelmingly positive sentiment, there are some criticisms, primarily focused on the price. Many users feel that the DLC is overpriced compared to previous expansions, which has led to some frustration. There’s also mention of certain features, like the Cetana event, not functioning as intended and issues with multiplayer compatibility where both players must own the DLC to access its features. Lastly, some existing content from older DLCs now feels less valuable, causing a bit of controversy among long-time players.


Should you buy “Stellaris: The Machine Age” in 2024? Absolutely! 🎉 While the price might be a sticking point, the depth and variety this expansion adds seem to be well worth the investment for hardcore fans. The new mechanics and features breathe fresh life into Stellaris, offering unique playstyles and strategies that keep the gameplay endlessly engaging. If you’re a long-time Stellaris player looking for new ways to enjoy the game, this DLC is a stellar addition to your collection. For the budget-conscious, keeping an eye out for a sale might be a savvy move, but don’t let the sticker price deter you from what many are calling a transformative expansion. 🚀

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