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A relaxing city-building simulation with strategic planning and defense against invaders, perfect for fans of city-builders and strategy games.
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Immerse yourself in Kingdoms and Castles, a city-building simulation where your strategic planning skills determine the fate of your kingdom amidst threats like Viking raiders and dragons. As you grow from overseeing a tiny hamlet to constructing an imposing castle, your decisions impact peasant happiness, resource management, defense against invaders, and overall survival in this dynamic world with realistic weather patterns. The game’s funded success on Fig highlights its appeal as players invest to shape their kingdom’s destiny.

Should I play Kingdoms and Castles in 2024?

The good

Kingdoms and Castles is praised for its relaxing and addictive gameplay, providing a delightful experience for fans of city-building and management sims. The simplicity and charm of the game make it a perfect choice for winding down, while still offering a satisfying level of depth to keep players engaged. The ability to turn off raiding for a more peaceful experience adds to its appeal, and many users find themselves quickly immersed in the game’s enjoyable mechanics.

The bad

Some players have noted that the game can eventually feel limited, as there may come a point when there is nothing left to build or upgrade. Additionally, updates have been sparse since 2022, and the modding community is somewhat limited, primarily offering aesthetic changes.


Kingdoms and Castles remains a highly recommended title for fans of city-building games in 2024. Its minimalistic yet captivating design makes it a great choice for both casual and serious gamers. While it might eventually reach a point where you’ve done it all, the journey there is undoubtedly worth it. If you appreciate a relaxing, charming, and highly addictive town-sim, this game should certainly be on your radar. Dive in and start building your kingdom! 🏰🌟

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