Urbek City Builder - Buyer's Guide

Experience relaxing city-building with Urbek City Builder, a unique and enjoyable game with depth and satisfaction. Explore and optimize your city, balancing resources and growth. Worth trying for a chill city builder experience.
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‘Urbek City Builder’ invites players to step into a world where they are tasked with designing and managing their own unique cityscape. From neighborhood creation that mirrors various lifestyles, such as bohemian or bourgeois districts, to the intricate management of over 30 diverse resources like food and coal, this game challenges players’ strategic planning skills. The importance of education in developing a thriving metropolis is emphasized, with advanced constructions being attainable through producing qualified workers. Organic city growth simulates real-world conditions as buildings spawn based on surrounding factors, necessitating the player to consider optimal placement for institutions like markets and universities. In this game, every design choice bears its own set of advantages and trade-offs; whether focusing on residential satisfaction or industrial productivity. The result is a multifacameted city building experience that demands careful consideration at every turn.

Should I play Urbek City Builder in 2024?

The good

Overall, reviewers love the game’s relaxing and enjoyable experience, enjoying its voxel visual style and unique charm. Players appreciate the game’s simplicity, considering it a great option for those seeking a low-stress city builder. The game’s charm and satisfaction from building and optimizing cities are consistently praised.

The bad

Some reviewers find the game too restrictive, citing limitations on building and a lack of creativity. One reviewer is frustrated by the introduction of DLC with trains, feeling it’s unacceptable to sell a feature that should be basic content.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for a chill, easy-to-play city builder that still offers depth and satisfaction, Urbek City Builder is worth checking out. Ignore the negative sentiment towards the DLC, as it’s not a significant aspect of the game’s core experience. While some may find the game too restrictive, the overall positive sentiment and praise for the game’s relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere outweigh the criticisms. Give it a try, but don’t expect a complex simulator.

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