Incremental Factory - Buyer's Guide

Lead an industrial empire in this automation-driven strategy game, but beware, the developer has been silent since release and it seems abandoned. Should you take the risk? Not recommended in its current state.
Fan-art of Incremental Factory

‘Incremental Factory’ invites players to build not just a factory but an entire industrial empire. Conceived by a lone engineer, this strategy and automation-driven game features the challenge of managing resources, optimizing production chains, and overcoming obstacles in growing your enterprise. The active community helps shape updates and bug fixes, ensuring an immersive experience that evolves constantly. Ready to tackle challenges and construct a thriving industrial empire? Your journey begins with ‘The Factory Must Grow!’

Should I play Incremental Factory in 2024?

The Good

It’s clear that many players have enjoyed the game, despite its current state. The mostly positive sentiment from reviewers suggests that the game has potential and was well-received initially.

The Bad

The biggest concern is that the developer has been silent since the game’s release and hasn’t provided any updates or patches, leading many to believe it’s been abandoned.


With the devastating truth that the game seems to have been abandoned, it’s difficult to recommend Incremental Factory in its current state. The lack of updates and silence from the developer makes it hard to justify spending time and resources on the game.

However, if you’re the adventurous type and are willing to take a chance on a potentially revived game, you could try giving it a shot. Keep in mind that there’s no guarantee that the promised update will ever arrive, and you might be left playing a dead game. If you do decide to give it a try, approach it with caution and set your expectations accordingly.

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Screenshot of Incremental Factory

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