Laysara: Summit Kingdom - Buyer's Guide

Experience a majestic mountain city building game where strategy meets nature's challenge. Forge homes high in the sky, navigate diverse terrains, and overcome harsh conditions to build a resilient city. For city builders and puzzle enthusiasts!
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‘Summit Kingdom’ takes you to the majestic heights of mountain city building where strategy meets nature’s challenge! As a new ruler, you’ll forge homes high in the sky on various mountains with unique traits and obstacles. Build multiple towns that interact through trade networks, adjusting as needed while crafting symbiotic relationships among them. Brace yourself for diverse terrains impacted by weather conditions, scarce resources, and perilous avalanches. Navigate these challenges to establish transportation routes across daunting landscapes using roads, bridges, shafts, or yaks. Successfully manage your city’s growth, overcome the harsh mountain environment, and erect a summit temple as a testament to human resilience and logistical mastery.

Should I play Laysara: Summit Kingdom in 2024?

The good

The game is very visually pleasing, with a unique style that adds to its charm. The game’s focus on efficiency and logistics can be engaging and challenging for experienced city builders. The lack of random events and focusing on puzzle-solving can be appealing to those who enjoy puzzle games.

The bad

The game’s tools for moving buildings can be clunky and time-consuming, especially when trying to relocate multiple buildings at once. The lack of ability to rotate buildings may be a drawback for some players. Some critics noted that the game can be too restrictive, with limited space and angles in which to build.


In 2024, I would recommend “Laysara: Summit Kingdom” to those who enjoy city builders and puzzle games. While it may not be perfect, the game’s unique setting and focus on efficiency and logistics can be engaging and challenging. However, potential buyers should be aware of the game’s clunky building-moving tools and limited building rotation. With some patience and practice, fans of city builders and puzzle games may find “Laysara: Summit Kingdom” to be a delightful and engrossing experience. Just be prepared to spend some time moving buildings around!

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